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Travelling Solo – Tips To Plan Your Budget When You Travel Alone

Travelling alone can feel intimidating, but if you take the chance the experience can be fulfilling. If you are considering travelling solo, you have to plan your expenses especially if you are on a budget. You need to calculate the cost of your trip and everything that you may have to spend and a couple of extras.

Travel solo

You will want to look for budget travel destinations. Here are some ways to plan your budget.

Transportation and accommodation

If you are to travel by aeroplane, it may be the biggest expense you may have to pay. If it is just a short flight to a rich city, then your accommodation may be the biggest expense on your list. Plan which of the two will take your money and calculate accordingly.

Consider your transportation expenses. This will be the cost of the plane ticket, bus, car rental and gas or taxi. Then think about your accommodation. Consider the type of accommodation you will book and the number of nights you are going to stay. Also, think about the location of the accommodation as it can affect your budget.


If you plan to dine out, you may need to pay more. On the other hand, you can prepare your food at your accommodation to save money.


This may vary from what you want to do. Travel places have different activities for tourists to enjoy. You should budget these additional expenses properly because you also do not want to max out on your card. It can save you more on the cost if you buy tickets before you go.

Extra money

Never leave without bringing some extra cash with you. It will be your money for your transit, snack or even a needed sunblock. Just keep your money safe while travelling.

Things To Consider If You Want To Travel Inexpensively

When you want to travel the world, it does not mean that you should spend most of your savings. You have to be a wise traveller to enjoy your trips without breaking your bank. To travel inexpensively, you may want to skip going to fancy destinations and go for less expensive trips.

Do you want to travel the world, but on a tight budget?

While you can travel to rich cities in Europe but if you are aiming to travel for a year or more and you are on a tight budget, well, you can find more countries that can allow you to travel to different great locations without actually spending a lot. Here are some things that you should consider to travel inexpensively.

Are you staying in the city?

The cost of staying in the city has a notable difference in price compared to small-town countries. Whether you are in a third world country or a developed one, the prices are always up if you stay in the city. In most cases, the rates are higher if you stay in the city like if you are going to stay in London vs Nottingham, Mumbai vs Hampi, Buenos Aires vs Cafayate, Prague vs Mikulov, Budapest vs Eger, and so on. If you want to stay mostly in the city, double your budget. Alternately, you can stay there for a few days, then move to a less crowded area.

Can you handle some inconvenience?

Along your travels, you may experience some discomfort on places where you might stay and the rental costs. You need to assess if you can stay in a room without hot water or if your room is not that comfortable.

Some ways to cut your budget for lodging include couch surfing, housesitting, and staying at a friend home. However, if these are not possible, you better make a plan. And better to test the situation if you can live without some necessities such as hot water for showers, a comfy bed, an air-conditioned train rooms and so on. If you can handle some inconveniences on your trip, then you will be able to save more.

Add These Travel Spots To Your Travel Plan Once Covid-19 Is Over

Get to know some of our favourite travel spots to visit once the Covid-19 is over. Check out our list and visit these spots soon:

Sicily City, Italy

Sicily, Italy

The country is gradually opening for tourist. There are a lot of great things to do when in Sicily, but one thing is for sure! You are in for a definite Italian lifestyle where you will be able to take daily aperitive along the sea, watch the world while relaxing from a café in a baroque piazza.

This island is oozing of contrasts and hyperbole where some things are just the same even in a landscape that changes impressively every 30 miles. Although time moves slowly here, but it has managed to gain some forward momentum. World-class cocktails are gaining Michelin stars, which creates art-forward boutique hotels.


Once out of the airport, you will be welcomed by fragrant tropical rainforest and thick, green mountains. Interweaved with more than 300 rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, this is the Caribbean’s most undeveloped islands.

Imagine enjoying a day on black sand beaches, hot springs, pristine reefs, and cool hikes. Then there are the big luxury hotels who want to get a piece of Dominica’s natural beauty, this is a secret that is soon to be discovered.

Las Vegas, Nevada

True that even with the Coronavirus, most of us want to still want to visit Las Vegas simply because it is Las Vegas! Over the past decade, as big-name chafes have opened their restaurants on the Strip, their young talented chefs have also put down their roots and opened their places off the Strip, which made Vegas one of the most popular restaurant hotbeds in the US.

About Travels

The Joy of Travel 

With all the things happening in the world today, travel needs to pause and take the back seat. Many people in the airline industry have lost their wings because of the pandemic. Along with them, we too, are limited to travel and take flight. 

For some, travel is only a luxury. You have to spend. Other people do not understand the reason behind traveling. All they see is the expenses that come with it. But no amount of money can pay for the things you discover and see when you travel. Travel is experience. Life without travel is boring. 

Travel is a connection, too. The way to link one person to another is via world travel. How can you know other cultures and traditions if you do not experience it first-hand? Can you taste the food that you only see in pictures? Travel gives us the taste and feel of others. We can live like locals even for a while when we travel. 

Travel also gives us a sense of freedom we can’t find in our own place. If we need to sneak out for a while, we travel. We travel because we want to discover ourselves. We travel to seek our true souls. We travel because we want something fresh. 

We travel for inspiration. Sometimes we need a different scenery to inspire us. We need new people, new vibes, and new surroundings to give us the spark we need to start something great. Travel can do big and small things.