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Travelling Solo – Tips To Plan Your Budget When You Travel Alone

Travelling alone can feel intimidating, but if you take the chance the experience can be fulfilling. If you are considering travelling solo, you have to plan your expenses especially if you are on a budget. You need to calculate the cost of your trip and everything that you may have to spend and a couple of extras.

Travel solo

You will want to look for budget travel destinations. Here are some ways to plan your budget.

Transportation and accommodation

If you are to travel by aeroplane, it may be the biggest expense you may have to pay. If it is just a short flight to a rich city, then your accommodation may be the biggest expense on your list. Plan which of the two will take your money and calculate accordingly.

Consider your transportation expenses. This will be the cost of the plane ticket, bus, car rental and gas or taxi. Then think about your accommodation. Consider the type of accommodation you will book and the number of nights you are going to stay. Also, think about the location of the accommodation as it can affect your budget.


If you plan to dine out, you may need to pay more. On the other hand, you can prepare your food at your accommodation to save money.


This may vary from what you want to do. Travel places have different activities for tourists to enjoy. You should budget these additional expenses properly because you also do not want to max out on your card. It can save you more on the cost if you buy tickets before you go.

Extra money

Never leave without bringing some extra cash with you. It will be your money for your transit, snack or even a needed sunblock. Just keep your money safe while travelling.