About Travels

The Joy of Travel 

With all the things happening in the world today, travel needs to pause and take the back seat. Many people in the airline industry have lost their wings because of the pandemic. Along with them, we too, are limited to travel and take flight. 

For some, travel is only a luxury. You have to spend. Other people do not understand the reason behind traveling. All they see is the expenses that come with it. But no amount of money can pay for the things you discover and see when you travel. Travel is experience. Life without travel is boring. 

Travel is a connection, too. The way to link one person to another is via world travel. How can you know other cultures and traditions if you do not experience it first-hand? Can you taste the food that you only see in pictures? Travel gives us the taste and feel of others. We can live like locals even for a while when we travel. 

Travel also gives us a sense of freedom we can’t find in our own place. If we need to sneak out for a while, we travel. We travel because we want to discover ourselves. We travel to seek our true souls. We travel because we want something fresh. 

We travel for inspiration. Sometimes we need a different scenery to inspire us. We need new people, new vibes, and new surroundings to give us the spark we need to start something great. Travel can do big and small things.